Power is in Being

Be tested.
Go on trial.
Walk the ring of fire.
Stop being such a liar.

Live the tidal.
Find joy in rhythm.
Expect the unexpected.
And all the rest of that bullshitting.

Words are confounding.
Slip you right off to escaping.
Be your noble being.
Forget what you know. Stop thinking.

Be with care.
Your power is assessing.
Care what you consider.
Don’t believe in your opinion.

Observe yourself
and assess the being.
Unfold some new history
By shaping your being.

Make a joke.
Teach a skill.
Learn to eat.
4th order being is a treat.

Again assess the being.
Dedicate to the possible.
Find your wherewithal
and be responsible.

Invent your own tools.
But at least know how to be human.
There aren’t secrets.
Power is in being.

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