Respect: A Focus On Relationships

Guys Joe (Joseph Luft) and Harry (Harrington Ingham), through some form of happy hour, came up with the JoHari window. Pick a topic – it should fit into one of four quadrants. On one axis is whether you know it and on the other is whether others know it. The purpose of thinking about these things is for us to recognize the complexity of ourselves in relationships.

We share parts of ourselves and hide others. Parts of us are obvious to others which we may hide from. 

In our work environment, wellbeing with others is paramount to success. Our effectiveness relating to others limits all other aspects of our competency. Said another way, our relationship with others is the foundational competency through with all of our other competencies exist. 

Take time in your Lean journey to reflect on your relationship competence.

  • What are the aspects of yourself that you are known for?
  • What do others know about you that you do not?
  • What is something that you have yet to discover about yourself?

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