Possibly Be

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Must I give up my way of being?
Test a new possibility.
Be and be again.
As a newbie.

Alone to what I know.
Forever searching and caring.
Can I be, indeed?
Again and again, can I be, indeed?

For now I am dying.
Trying to be, indeed.
Being an ontological physical being.
Trying to be, indeed.

But making a huge mess.
With me, indeed.
Acting selfish and fighting for me.

The new being has weight to break.
The depth of suppression is deep, indeed.
Deep like where whales go.
Trying to break free, indeed.

No long living, but dying.
The weight of the being, indeed.
Trying to try to try to try.
But not being, indeed.

Not moving with my biology.
But moving with psychology, indeed.
Telling narrative stories.
To get into action, indeed.

telling the move makes action.
Let’s think of other kvetches, indeed.
Assurance completes doing.
Declarations make truth, indeed.

These facades are quite thin.
Words are playthings indeed.
But money makes power,
an oppressive force, indeed.

I’m not worried about changes.
Any Rynd believed selfishness leads to darkness, indeed.
So let those fools rot in darkness.
While I build, indeed.

Not sure what to build.
But needing the time, indeed.
Giving away pounds of flesh.
Taking joy in separation.

Different, indeed.
That’s me in a nutshell.
Trying to be me, indeed.
Because I’m invincible.

Bullet proof, indeed.
Not caring about consequence.
Not caring about me, indeed.
Trying to shine this light on me, indeed.

Not making sense of the view.
Seeing unclear the me.
Wondering what goes on in life.
Where should I be, indeed.

trying to make sense.
Trying to be me, indeed.
Trying to try to try to try.
But not being indeed.

Money makes power.
But presence leads.
Make me millions.
Millions, indeed.

Don’t be a fool.
About how to be, indeed.
Want to taste the future.
Try to be, indeed.

Try to re-be, indeed.
Do the thing, indeed, indeed.
Possibly be. The Be.
Then be. Then be.